South Georgia Film Festival … TRADING CARDS

This year, the South Georgia Film Festival has put together a set of 24 trading cards featuring films from this and previous year’s festival.

This year’s set includes posters from all five of our feature films (Cruel Hearts, Down and Yonder, Wake Up, How They Got Over, My Life With Rosie), 5 films from previous years (19 Years, DayDreamer,The Butcher, Rodents of Unusual Size, and All Skate, Everybody Skate), two checklist cards with our sponsors, and 11 posters of this year’s festival (Space Girls, Magic Play, Peggy, AV Club, An Island, Shifted, Singing Out, Patrick, A Son Inherit, and Portrait of a Superhero).

Random cards will be given out at the Georgia Beer Company event to those in attendance. To get the complete set, you’ll have to get them here or at the festival.

Films Selected for 2018 South Georgia Film Festival

With a great group of submissions this year, the South Georgia Film Festival has selected the following films for this year’s 2018 festival.

        High School
Beach Renourishment by Philip Ignatoff
Daydreamer by Kat Garrido
Enough is Enough by Michelle Espinoza
Global Dynamics: A Robot Doc by Derek Walker
One Year by Ashley Kramer
Operation Omega by Michaela Smoak
Straight Out of Money by Joshua Miller
Urban Lightning by Casey Boone
Utforska by Gabby Fiszman
Wrecked by Savanna Barrett

19 Years – The Story of Dick Rockey, Tom Odom and Valdosta State Football by David Johnson
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017 by Jeska Bald
The First Month by Laura Holliday
The Glove by Levi Johnson
Headlock by John Dierre
Limit by Javad Daraei
The Prisoner’s Session by Max Steele
Rickey’s Story by Trey Leonard
Shut-In by Ryan Bryant

Alamo Downs by Chris Gierowski
All Skate, Everybody Skate by Nicole Triche
The Apology Service by Luke Pilgrim & Brad Kennedy
Birthday Cake by Brantly Jackson Watts
The Butcher by Kyle Taubken
Cursed World Problems by Chris Gierowski
Elvis and the Golden Ticket by Palmer Edward
Good Hair by Fray Forde & Catherine D Holly
Harm by Christian Argamasilla
Hide by Jason Kock
The Little Chapel by Richard Schertzer
Matthew’s Gift by Jon Watts
Sunnyside Drive by Luke Pilgrim & Brad Kennedy
Western Jubilee by Donna Guthrie


Feature Films

The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlyle by Fran Burst Terranella
Rodents of Unusual Size by Quinn Costello, Chris Metzler & Jeff Springer


Look for more information about panels and times in the coming days.