South Georgia Film Festival … TRADING CARDS

This year, the South Georgia Film Festival has put together a set of 24 trading cards featuring films from this and previous year’s festival.

This year’s set includes posters from all five of our feature films (Cruel Hearts, Down and Yonder, Wake Up, How They Got Over, My Life With Rosie), 5 films from previous years (19 Years, DayDreamer,The Butcher, Rodents of Unusual Size, and All Skate, Everybody Skate), two checklist cards with our sponsors, and 11 posters of this year’s festival (Space Girls, Magic Play, Peggy, AV Club, An Island, Shifted, Singing Out, Patrick, A Son Inherit, and Portrait of a Superhero).

Random cards will be given out at the Georgia Beer Company event to those in attendance. To get the complete set, you’ll have to get them here or at the festival.

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