South Georgia Film Festival … TRADING CARDS

This year, the South Georgia Film Festival has put together a set of 24 trading cards featuring films from this and previous year’s festival.

This year’s set includes posters from all five of our feature films (Cruel Hearts, Down and Yonder, Wake Up, How They Got Over, My Life With Rosie), 5 films from previous years (19 Years, DayDreamer,The Butcher, Rodents of Unusual Size, and All Skate, Everybody Skate), two checklist cards with our sponsors, and 11 posters of this year’s festival (Space Girls, Magic Play, Peggy, AV Club, An Island, Shifted, Singing Out, Patrick, A Son Inherit, and Portrait of a Superhero).

Random cards will be given out at the Georgia Beer Company event to those in attendance. To get the complete set, you’ll have to get them here or at the festival.

South Georgia Film Festival announces 2019 Film Lineup (113 Films Over 3 Days)

South Georgia Film Festival Announces 2019 Film Lineup (113 Films Over 3 Days)

VALDOSTA – The third annual South Georgia Film Festival announced its 2019 lineup of films, with 113 total films to be screened over 3 days (March 1, 2, & 3, 2019). The festival has expanded this year with two screening locations on the Valdosta State University campus, as well as more feature films and more international films.

The festival received over of 450 submissions from feature films, short films, high school and college filmmakers. In its third year, the festival has grown to include more feature films this year with a representative from each agreeing to be in attendance. This year’s feature films include the coming-of-age film “Down and Yonder” by UGA graduate Christopher Flippo, psychological horror film “Wake Up” by Florida filmmaker and former Combat Specialist Joe Nowland, “My Life With Rosie” about the preservation of civil rights icon Rosa Parks legacy by Dr. Angela Williamson, “How They Got Over” about the impact of gospel and blues music on Rock and Roll, and the noir thriller “Cruel Hearts” by director Paul Osborne.

“Our number one goal is to bring people to Valdosta,” said Jason Brown, South Georgia Film Festival director. “We want to provide a venue where filmmakers want to show their work here. While they’re here, we want to show them why they should make their next film here.”

This year’s event also include a dozen different films blocks of short films from professional, college and high school filmmakers. The festival made an extra effort this year to attract films from around the world and were able to programming over three hours of films from France, Spain, and Brazil among others. With the growth of film across Georgia, the festival was able to program many good films from Savannah College of Art & Design, Florida State University, Valdosta State, the University of North Georgia and many more. The festival programmed two blocks of films by high schoolers. Both the college and high school winners are eligible for scholarships to Valdosta State University offered by the Admissions Office.

“We began receiving films almost immediately after last year’s festival and have been watching submissions right up through our deadline,” Brown said. “When we realized the number of great films we received, we had to find a way to show as many as we could.”

Festival screenings will take place at the VSU Student Union Theater at the corner of Baytree and North Oak Street. The festival added the use of the Mass Media Screening room, on the corner of Patterson and Brookwood. Over the three days, visitors can park at both the Oak Street Parking Deck and the University Center parking lot. With over a dozen panels and workshops across both locations, attendees will find plenty to do.

This year’s festival continues to connect with partners in the Valdosta community, including Valdosta State University, Georgia Power, Wild Adventures, the Turner Center for the Arts, WAITR, Valdosta Main Street, the Valdosta Daily Times, the City of Valdosta, Miss Kate’s Tours and Coca-Cola. Promoting entrepreneurship through filmmaking, the festival continues to promote the regional film industry with panelists discussing both the craft and industrial impact of film for local businesses. This year’s festival has also includes panelists Brandi Nicole Payne of Seed & Spark to discuss Crowdfunding, producer Tara Ansley, actor Ian Anderson, along with many others.

Passes to this year’s festival are currently available. The All Access VIP pass, which includes a t-shirt and access to the upcoming Georgia Production Partnership event costs $100. The Festival Pass which offers access to all screenings, panels and daily events are $40. Day Passes are $15. Tickets are available through the website.

For more information on the South Georgia Film Festival, visit or contact Prof. Jason Brown at 229-219-1298 or

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Alphabetical Listing of Films in the 2019 South Georgia Film Festival

#FAFATL                               Director: Sean Osorio

4-11 Willows Road              Director: Noah Wong

A Fistful of Fangs               Director: Turner Ivey

A Letter for Skylar               Director Patrick Albright

A Son Inherit                          Director: Michael Williams

A Silent Morning                 Director: Christina Liu

Adam                                     Director: Alyce Rogers

After Ashes                            Director: Jesse McAnally

An Island                              Director: Rory Bryne

And Then We’ll Be Happy Director: Jesse Aultman

AV Club                                 Director: Nicholas Markart

Back to Nowhere (De Vuelta A Ninguna Parte) Director: Julio Antonio Espinosa Pena

Belief                                         Director: Kim Soleau

B*TCHBOY                              Director: Mans Bethas

Blood and Iron                       Director: Max Steele and Taren Pineset

CAMINS                                Director: Sara Gracia Jimenez

Cacti & Other Succulents Director: Emma Moore

Cloudboy                              Director: Jacob Javor

Compatible                          Director: Pau Bacardit

Congenita (Congenital)     Director: Polo Menarguez

Culpable                               Director: Julio Antonio Espinosa Pena

Common Unity                    Director: Joshua Devaughn

Cracks                                  Director: Molly Coffee

Cruel Hearts                          Director: Paul Osborne

Cruisin’                                 Director: Brandon Knack

Daddy’s Girl                           Director: Jasmine Jewet

Des3ngano                         Director: Aniez Atlas

Dirty Money                          Director: Jonas Schubach

Down and Yonder               Director: Christopher Flippo

Dreamwisher                     Director: Eric Handler

Emotional Disease            Director: Marieta Caballero

Ethereal (Etereo)               Director: Carlos Cobos Aroca

Evstronger                          Director: Silvia Conesa

Fighting Alone                    Director: Kaleb Smith

Forever                                 Director: Patrick Peacock

Full Circle                             Director: Raymond Knudsen

Glass Wall (Muro De Vidro) Director: Tomas Fleck

Harmony                               Director: Tyler Kula

Hashtag Perfect Life           Director: Michael Paulucci

Heavens                                Director: Jonas Schubach

Heavy Rain                           Director: Motaz Ezzat Elbahaey

Herman                                 Director: Sruti Lodha

Hindsight                              Director: Oisin Reilly

How Much I Love You         Director: Ashley Kramer

How They Got Over             Director: Robert Clem

HUMAN                                    Director: Issam Taachit

I Don’t Know                        Director: Molly Smith

“I Love You”                         Director: Sarah Flores

If                                             Director: Gabriel Vulbuena

If We Had Met                      Director: Malik Brice

Imitations.                            Director: Connor Dolby

June                                       Director: Arantza Ibarra Basanez

Landmine                                 Director: Max Steele

Last Call                                Director: RockHill Studios

Little Darling.                       Director: Argya Sadan

Magic Play                            Director: Natasha Canepa

Mates                                     Director: Max Price

Miranda and The Sea (Miranda Y El Mar)  Director: Giovanna Torres

Missed Ceiling (Techo De Menos)   Director: Txema Liron De Robles

More Time                            Director: Osniel Rives

Mothers and Daughters    Director: Gabriella Marsh

Mr. Goody                             Director: Jason MacDonald

My Life With Rosie              Director: Angela Sadler Williamson

My End of the World (Ma Fin Du Monde)   Director: Yurok Jang

My First Jump (Mi Primer Salto)    Director: Jose Ruiz Montalvan

Once Upon A Time…The Return (ll etait une fois…le retour)   Director: Sapin Alban

Patrick                                  Director: Kyle Taubken

Pea Pod                                Director: Rosser Goodman

Peggy                                   Director: Justin Miller

Portrait of a Superhero     Director: Tony Armer

Proximity                             Director: Kyle Marra

PVRIS (Paris in the Rain)  Director: Ronin Media

R o m a n c e                        Director: Giorgi Tkemaladze

Rachel’s Pitch                     Director: Julia Fulmer

Samuel                                 Director: Hayden Church

SHIFTED                              Director: Nathan Ragland

Singing Out                         Director: Mary Knight

Smoked                                   Director: Jonas Schubach

So, How Did You and Dad Meet?  Director: Zara Plessard

SOFT-MORE                        Director: Dante Downey

Solitude                                Director: Julia Bhansali

Something Here                 Director: Ashley Kramer

Space Girls                          Director: Carys Watford

Sundown                              Director: Ryan Hendrick

Sur-vi                                    Director: Stephen Wise

Sweeter Than Isolation     Director: Allysa Cole

Telltale Signs                      Director: Jeff Vande- Zande

The Application                  Director: Andrew Bourne

The Art of Foley                  Director: Sara Karimipour

The Boy That Listened To The Earth (El Chico Que Escuchaba La Tierra)   Director: Javier Ideami

The Colored Girl’s Restroom   Director: Savannah Treena

The Devil’s Elbow               Director: Madeleine Pearson

The Filmmaking Fireman  Director: Justin Pauley

The Grounded Astronaut  Director: Monimar Mancillas

The Last Appointment (La Ultima Cita)   Director: David Baquero

The Replacement                Director: Sean Miller

The SkipJack Shack           Director: Bobby Goddard

The Waiting Room              Director: Debra Markowitz

The Welcome (La Benvinguda)   Director: Carme Puche

Time Capsule                      Director: McKinley Benson

To No One                            Director: Ashley Kramer

Trees                                    Director: Zaire Love

Tribu                                     Director: Sergi Merchan

Tungrus                               Director: Rishi Chandna

Under The Weather          Director: Julia Walker

Waiting                                Director: Alexey Ram

Wake Up                              Director: Joe Nowland

Wendy                                 Director Michael Oshins

What She’ll Never Know  Director: David Smith

When the New Day Comes   Director: James Hutton, Black Spade Society

Why Are you Leaving? (Por Que Te Vas)   Director: Fabio Vallarelli

With My Own Two Hands (Deux Mains)    Director: Michael Barocas

You, Girl                              Director: Hayden Church

Official Early Selections

As we began receiving submissions in April of this year, a handful of films rose to the top. While we continue to receive submissions, these films deserved extra recognition. This year have six Official Early Selections, which cover all of our categories.

These films will screen at this year’s festival and most will have someone from the film in attendance. We thank these filmmakers for screening with us and look forward to sharing these films with our community!



Young man discovers the woman he’s been sleeping is married to a notorious crime boss. When he confesses, the two form an unlikely, dangerous friendship.Thriller – 1 hr 30 min
Language, violence, sexual situations.Director/Writer: Paul Osborne
Producers: Jonathan Brown, Joe Pezzula, Leslie Osborne, Robert Hornack, Bill Eikost
Cast: Patrick Day, Alev Aydin, Melora Hardin, Eddie Jemison, Bonnie Root, Marion Kerr, Dawn Brodey


During a sleepover, four space obsessed 9-year-old girls embark on a secret mission in their cardboard rocket. ‘Space Girls’ is a film that celebrates the power of the imagination, the importance of STEM education & girl power.

Narrative – 10 min

Director/Writer/Producer: Carys Watford
Cast: Bella Padden, Anika Selvarajah, Helena Albright, Emily Albright, Sophia Capasso, Laurence Pears, Evan Cregan


A shy boy wizard-in-training is forced into a play date with a witch girl who is unpredictable with her magic. From SCAD student Natasha Cánepa.

Animation – 3 1/2 min

Director/Writer/Animator: Nathasha Cánepa (SCAD)


Everything seems to work out perfectly for Peggy, but her social graces are put to the test when she is surrounded by admiring and covetous parents at a birthday party for her eight-year-old son. From Georgia Filmmaker Justin Miller.

Narrative – 12 min

Director/Writer: Justin Miller (Georgia Tech)
Producer: J Christopher Campbell
Cast: Sarah Blackman, Josh Warren, Jason MacDonald, Muretta Moss, Kristen Shawn, Kurt Yue, Mindy Sparks, Stephanie Campbell, Bonny Breuer


In 1944 one woman is forced to face the harsh realities of war and experience the true meaning of solitude.

High School – 7 1/2 min

Director/Writer: Julia Bhansali
Producers: Julia Bhansali, Maddie Gall
Cast: Maddie Gall, Spencer Mercier


A Colonel returns home from a long mission, but faces the same problems he knew from the military. A golf ball hits him in the head, putting him in an even bigger bureaucratic agency, called Heaven.

Narrative – 14 min

Director/Writer/Producer: Jonas Schubach (Florida State)
Cast: Gordon Ginsberg, Meredith Melville, Charisse Norment, Pamela Williams

The regular submission deadline for the South Georgia Film Festival is December 8. This year’s festival will be held March 1, 2, & 3 on the campus of Valdosta State University. Winners of the High School and College categories are eligible for scholarships to Valdosta State University thanks to the University Admissions office.

Passes to this year’s festival are currently available and discounted through the end of 2018. The All Access VIP pass, which includes a t-shirt and access to the upcoming Georgia Production Partnership event costs $75. The Festival Pass which offers access to all screenings, panels and daily events are $35. Tickets are available through the website.

For more information about the festival, contact Jason Brown, Festival Director at 229-219-1298 or