South Georgia Studios Brings Pitchfest to 2023 SGFF

South Georgia Studios Brings Pitchfest to 2023 SGFF

February 15, 2023

VALDOSTA, GA – South Georgia Studios is looking for your best movie pitches. Saturday March 4, during this year’s South Georgia Film Festival, participants will be able to spend 3 minutes pitching their film and television ideas to producers who can help turn their films into reality as part of the 2023 SGFF Pitchfest.

“As we grow the film industry in South Georgia, we are thrilled to be able to support local filmmakers in telling their own unique and inspiring stories,” Honnie Korngold of South Georgia Studios said. “This is only the beginning and we want South Georgians interested in working in film to know just what is possible for them here in their own backyard.”

The Pitchfest will be limited to 20 participants who will buy their spot for $25. A winner will receive a $250 cash prize and a one-hour consulting session with the panel of judges with advice on strategy to move their project forward. Participants will be contacted by Feb. 25 to give them enough time to put together their three-minute pitch. Festival passholders will be able to sit-in on the pitches. At the beginning of the two-and-a-half hour event, producers will give the audience some quick pointers on how to present their ideas. After each pitch the producers will be giving participants feedback.

Along with Korngold, Alexander Kane of Workhorse Cinema and Tamara Bell of the distribution company Koan will be evaluating the participants’ ideas for the best project within narrative film, television, and documentary.

Korngold and South Georgia Studios are in the process of building a film production campus with soundstages and an educational program in partnership with PhilanthroFilms in Quitman, GA. She’s currently producing NORTHERN LIGHTS, the story of how Valdosta’s Cathy Parker was instrumental in transforming a small Alaskan town with football. The movie is proposed to film in South Georgia in 2023.

Along with working as an actor, Kane has produced $61 million dollars worth of films in South Georgia during the last four years.

“At Workhorse Cinema, we have a big slate of films planned for 2023 that continues to prove to the film industry is not only viable but thriving here in South Georgia. Our company and team is largely built on a foundation of local talent from the area and our door is always open as we constantly survey the community to find passionate and talented locals that want to join the film industry, pursue their dreams, goals, or just find a more fulfilling career.”

Koan has 30 years experience in entertainment distribution, reaching every corner of the world. Founded in 1990, it continues to be one of the longest running worldwide sales, film finance and production companies. Their diverse catalog of award winning projects have broad appeal to worldwide audiences.

The festival kicks off March 3 on the campus of Valdosta State University with screenings and panels on documentary photography and with casting director Chase Paris of Fieldstein | Paris Casting before concluding at the Valdosta Mall plaza watching The Holiday Dating Guide  for a touch of the holidays. The event is free to the public. Produced by Workhorse Cinema, the film starring Maria Menounos premiered on Lifetime television in December 2022.  The free Mall screening will also include the films: The Buick Special, from PhilanthroFilms and director Levi Johnson; the animated film A King I Once Knew from Joshua Myers and Grayson Durham of Thomasville; and The Curse directed by Jae Yoo from Ringling College. Festival and VIP passholders will also be able to participate in the evening’s party at the mall.

Saturday, attendees can spend the entire day attending panels, watching films, meeting filmmakers and attending the Pitchfest. Saturday March 4 will be bursting at the seams with feature films, shorts, student films, and animated films, along with amazing panels from visiting filmmakers. Two Georgia made feature films, The Lost Cause and The Long Way Up will screen, along with panels with visiting filmmakers, VSU alums, and Melissa Simpson of Film Impact Georgia with grant recipients Jeremy Thao and Shandrea Evans.

After starting their day at the Mayor & Chairman’s Paddle, attendees can end the evening with The Wintering Grounds, about the world class kayakers who spend their time in Columbus, GA when it’s too cold to be anywhere else. Because the freestyle kayak world championships will be taking place this spring in Columbus, we hope to have some of these professionals visiting us as well. After screening the feature documentary Jack Has a Plan, festival and VIP passholders can join us at the Rainwater Conference Center for our Saturday night party.

Sunday March 5 will wrap up with our awards ceremony followed by a few remaining blocks and a re-cap of the winners from the weekend. Our family friendly block on Sunday showcases the feature film RINGO, along with a group of animal friendly documentaries.

Don’t miss our two other out-of-competition screenings – The Sim Racer from VSU’s Brock Drury and The Middle Child: The Story of Tevin King  by Wiregrass’s Demiven Knighton. Both are local graduates telling very different but uniquely local stories.

You don’t want to miss this!

Celebrating the art and industry of film, the South Georgia Film Festival is celebrating its seventh annual event March 3, 4 & 5, 2023. Hosted on the campus of Valdosta State University, the festival has received thousands of entries and brought hundreds of filmmakers and filmgoers to town over the last decade.

“We are putting on a party for the community,” Brown said. “Showcasing films from across the country and the world, we want to introduce Valdosta to great films, some great filmmakers to Valdosta, and let everyone have a good time.”

The three day South Georgia Film Festival includes screenings of 95 films from around the world, the country and the region. Along with categories for high school, college and graduate students, the festival features shorts and feature length films. Films are screened in the VSU Student Union, at the corner of Oak St and Baytree, an outdoor screening at the Valdosta Mall, along with being available online through the Eventive platform. The festival presents filmgoers with the opportunities to see documentaries, animation and much more that they would not be able to see anywhere else.

Visit http://SGFF23.Eventive.Org to purchase your Pitchfest ticket, your festival pass and see the full film guide.

Pitchfest tickets are $25 and guarantee a three-minute opportunity in front of professional movie producers and distributors. Passes for the festival are $40, which includes access to all the virtual films, the in-person screenings, and the parties. If you’re not able to attend all weekend, you will be able to purchase a Daily Pass for $15, which gives you access to all the in-person screenings and panels for that day. The Eventive platform allows you to rent any individual film for only $5. All college and high school students can get in to the screenings and panels for free by providing their school ID.

For more information on the South Georgia Film Festival, visit or . Contact Prof. Jason Brown at 229-219-1298 or

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