Looking for 2024 SGFF Screeners

We have a great joy this year that we have more submissions than ever before – just shy of 600! And our deadline isn’t until Dec. 18.

Oh wait – we need people to help watch all of these films!

We would really appreciate your help going through all of these amazing films to get down to the approximately 100 films that will screen at the South Georgia Film Festival.

What does this mean

As a screener, you’ll watch a bunch of films from professional and student filmmakers. You’ll rate them. From there, we’ll make our decisions on which films will get into the festival. Your opinions help us make the final decision – so if you love something tell us! And if you don’t like something – tell us that, too!

We aren’t expecting you to be the Valdosta version of Roger Ebert. Just tell us what you think.

What do you get

For being a screener, we are happy to reward you for your hard work.

I personally will give you:

  • My undying gratitude
  • A Day pass to one day during the festival.

If you watch over 8 hours of films

  • My undying appreciation
  • A Festival Pass for the whole weekend

If you watch over 20 hours of films

  • My Undead Gratitude & Appreciation
  • Uncomfortable fawning on the social platform of your choosing
  • A Festival Pass and a t-shirt from a previous year’s festival

If you watch over 40 hours of film

  • This is your present to me for my 50th birthday. Bless you!
  • Uncomfortable fawning on ALL social platforms that SGFF is currently on – even if you couldn’t get a code to that BluSky thing people are talking about
  • A VIP Passes for you with a t-shirt from this year’s festival

Keeping Track

As a screener, you’ll create a free account on FilmFreeway.com. It makes it easy for you to see the films from home – and keeps track of all the wonderful work you do for us.

If you’ve done this before, you know the drill.

  • Go to Film Freeway & Log-in
  • Watch a film (if you see two other people have watched a film, pick another one)
  • Rate a film
  • Note if there is sex, drugs, language or violence
  • Repeat

Our rules ask for ONLY PG-13 type films.

Very Very FAQ

We screen approximately 100 films every year during the South Georgia Film Festival. And while we received a lot of great films, the difference between the top 25 films that everyone is talking about during the festival and that 250th film that was submitted isn’t as close as you think. We’re not Sundance (which by the way received 10,000 short films this last year – and screened 64).

If you like a film – tell us. In the rating section, there are 10 categories – tell us why you like the film.

And if you don’t know why – you just do …. GREAT! You’ve watched tons of stuff, you know when you like something.

But … and I hate to say this … you’re not going to like them all. Even if you have a heart of gold like my wife, sometimes you’ll know – that’s not what we want.

And don’t worry – if you only kinda like films, the ones folks LOVE will rise to the top. Math is like that.

So, Now what?

If you’re ready to go – sign-up below